AWP Episode 8 - Happy New Year! Go Paint Some Models!

January 9, 2018


We kick off the New Year with a challenge to everyone to paint more models and some tips to help you paint more models faster; Doug and Crissy also go on a bit of a rant about gamers who don't want to paint their models. We also give you some tips at how to approach starting a new master for the New Year.

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Show Notes

This week’s hosts: Crissy, Doug, Chris, and Garrett

0:00 – 9:01 Intro

9:01 - 27:14 Wyrd Events

27:14 -55:31 Hobby: A New Year's Hobby Challege (aka – the part where Doug curses a lot)

55:31 - 1:13:45 Tactics: Tips for learning to play a New Master

1:13:45 - 1:16:13 Outro



Show Music by Simon Hjort